Is this project promising a cure for Alzheimer’s Disease?

No.  There is currently no known cure for Alzheimer’s Disease.  What this project does is build on some promising experimental research on mice whose brains were engineered to build up amyloid plaques, a kind of protein structure associated with Alzheimer’s Disease in humans.

Can I use this app and stop seeing my physician?

No, absolutely not.  If you are being treated by a physician for Alzheimer’s Disease or any related neurological illness you should continue your treatment.  In fact you should discuss this project with your physician before using the app.

Will this app cause me to have epileptic fits or other seizures?

It shouldn’t.  Photo-sensitive seizures or ‘fits’ tend to be caused by light flashes between 5 and 30 Hz and the app functions at 40 Hz. However, we would strongly recommend anyone with a history of photo-sensitive seizures not to use the app, or at least use it with the ‘Light’ function switched off, just using the ‘Sound’ function.

What will you do with my data?

Please read the Privacy statement.

I used the app and it gave me a headache.  What should I do?

Stop using the app immediately.

I have been using the app but now I want to stop and I want my data to be deleted from the project.  How do I go about doing that?

Please contact us so we can delete your data from the project database.  Please delete the app from your smartphone.